Exploring Engineering, Third Edition: An Introduction to Engineering and Design

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Philip Kosky;Robert T. Balmer;William D. Keat;George Wise

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Engineers solve problems,and work onemerging challenges ina wide range of areas important to improving quality of life; areas likesustainable energy, access to clean water, andimproved communications and health care technologies. Kosky et. al. explore the world of engineering by introducing the reader to what engineers do, the fundamental principles that form the basis of their work, and how they apply that knowledgewithin a structured design process.The three part organization of the text reinforces theseareas, making this an ideal introduction for anyone interested in exploring the various fields of engineering and learning how engineers work to solve problems.

  • NEW: Additional discussions on what engineers do, and the distinctionsamong engineers, technicians, and managers (Chapter 1)
  • NEW: Re-organized and updated chapters in Part II to more closely align with specific engineering disciplines
  • NEW: New chapters on emerging fields of engineering, including Bioengineering and Green Energy Engineering
  • NEW: Discussions of Design for Six Sigma integrated into Part III on the design process
  • An Engineering Ethics Decision Matrix is introduced in Chapter 1 and used throughout the book to pose ethical challenges and explore ethical decision-making in an engineering context
  • Lists of Top Engineering Achievements and Top Engineering Challenges help put the material in context and show engineering as a vibrant discipline involved in solving societal problems


(No reviews yet) Write a Review