Exposing Lies of the Empire

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Andre Vltchek

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ANDRE VLTCHEK is one of this worlds greatest contemporary thinkers. A true internationalist, he does not belong to any single culture; he belongs to the entire world, a world battered by Western imperialism and capitalist fundamentalism. That is why he works relentlessly and courageously at the front lines and battlefields, as well as in the most forgotten corners of the globe; wherever he is needed and wherever our humanity is suffering, struggling and is rising to its feet. This book is 822 pages long, divided into 69 chapters. It is perhaps the most complete, and the most comprehensive account of the last several years, during which our planet has risen up and began its struggle against the Empire and its oppression. Vltchek takes us to all the continents, to slums and palaces, to the villages bombed into the ground, and to the front lines of the revolution. It alerts and provokes, clarifies and leads forward. It is a book of philosophy, a collection of exceptional investigative journalist reports, and a manifesto. It will inspire millions. It will be quoted for centuries to come.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review