Faith Alive Student Bible-ESV

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Pamela Nielsen

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Product Overview

This full-color Bible was created especially for students ages 8 and older and is full of features designed to introduce them to the wonderful messages and promises in God s Word.

Unique features of the Faith Alive Bible include:

Who, What, When, Where and Why
These boxes are spread throughout the Bible and provide facts on the who, what, when, where, and why of God s Word and the story of salvation. Find out more about the real people, places, and life in Bible times.

4U: (For You)
Every word in the Bible is loaded with meaning for everyone, but these boxes will help you understand what certain passages mean FOR YOU personally.

Cross Connections
As you read through the Bible, you will find many verses that remind you that Jesus death on the cross connects you back to God which gives you forgiveness, life and salvation. In many placed, a brief note is included explaining a particular Cross Connection.

Section and Books of the Bible Introductions
The Faith Alive Bible is divided into six sections. The beginning of each section includes information about the books contained in the section. There is also an introduction on the first page of each book of the Bible that gives you the big picture about the content of that book, including the author, dates, main themes, and significant events.

Articles and Charts
The Faith Alive Bible is loaded with great information to help you better understand God s Word for your life. You will find colorful and informative articles and charts through the Bible, between the Testaments, and between books or chapters of the Bible.

Timelines and Maps
The events recorded in God s Word are real. Look at the timelines to see the history of your salvation. Colorful maps help you see where these events took place and where those locations are found in the world today.

These pages help you with words in the Bible that you may not know.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review