Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most

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Craig Groeschel

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Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps you uncover who you really area man created in the image of God with a warriors heartand how to fight the good fight for whats right. You will find the strength to fight the battles you know you need to fightthe ones that determine the state of your heart, the quality of your marriage, and the spiritual health of your family.

Craig will also look at examples from the Bible, including our good buddy Samson. Yep, the dude with the rippling biceps and hippie hair and a thing for Delilah. You may be surprised how much we have in common with this guy. By looking at his life, youll learn how to defeat the demons that make strong men weak. Youll become who God made you to be:

A man who knows how to fight for whats right.

And dont you dare show up for this fight unarmed. Learn how to fight with faith, with prayer, and with the Word of God

Its time to fight like a man. For Gods Sake, FIGHT.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review