Five Minutes With VITO

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David Mattson;Anthony Parinello

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Product Overview

VITOtm is the Very Important Top Officer, the person with the ultimate veto power. VITOs control every decision that s made in ever enterprise in your sales territory. If you want to sell and live large, you must get to VITO and launch the proven Sandler Selling System that will turn VITO into one of your business partners forever.

Sandler Trainingsm and VITO Selling have combined over 80 years of sales know-how, 1,200 hours of audio and video programs, 5,000 pages of training materials, and direct experience in training over 15,000,000 sales people...and distilled it all into one concise, power selling resource. Five Minutes With VITO is the definitive guide for sales people who want to start where they belong at the top.

In this book you ll learn how to use the Sandler Selling System in all of your interactions with VITO including:
How to land an appointment, bond and build rapport with VITO
How to establish up-front contracts with VITO
How to create allies in VITO s rank and file, including their Gatekeepers
How to leave voice mail messages that get call-backs...from VITO
How to make powerful presentations to VITO
How to control your sales process...and influence VITO s buying process
How to compress your sales cycle...and increase your average deal size.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review