Flashsticks French Intermediate Starter Pack

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Product Overview

Innovative way to learn French! | The pictures and app help me remember useful words! | Supporting my kids during language development, and the app adds another dimension for my techie kids!

FlashSticks makes learning a foreign language fun! Our vocabulary sticky notes are designed to help you learn the most common French words while you go about your daily routine. The intermediate post-it note cards continue to build your vocabulary skills, and introduce you to new words and phrases. Our flashcard post-it notes are color coded to show the gender of French nouns with pink showing feminine words, blue for masculine and green for verbs and other words. All flashcards come pre-printed on Post-It Notes, making them ready to be stuck anywhere to help you in your learning journey.

FlashSticks are available in beginning, intermediate and boxed sets. If you are new to the French language, grab our beginner French flash cards pack to compliment your intermediate set, and/or check out our complete boxed set.

We believe that learning a language should be fun! Our free to download smartphone app enhances your learning by providing interactive games, tutorials, help with pronunciation, and the ability to scan an object and have it translated into the language you are studying! The app also provides hundreds of language lessons, digital flash card notes, progress tracking, and a constant word score as you continue immersing yourself in the French language.

Whether you learn better online or off, FlashSticks provides a simple, fun, and engaging platform for learning a foreign language, and is available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and English. If you want to learn French, but don't have the time or resources to take a course, why not learn in a Flash? Order Flashsticks intermediate French flash cards today and continue your journey into the French language!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review