Four Mystery Dramas (The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner)

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Rudolf Steiner
Newly revised translation (CW 14)

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Rudolf Steiner's four mystery dramas are powerful portrayals of the complex laws of reincarnation and karma. They transport us into a landscape of the human soul and spirit, where suprasensory beings are active.

Through the perception of these hidden worlds, we are given the opportunity to understand the struggles we face in attempting to apply spiritual knowledge to our everyday lives and relationships.

Written between 1910 and 1913 during periods of intense inner and outer work, these dramas are powerful testimonies to Steiner's artistic creativity. By manifesting soul and spirit forms on a stage, they foreshadow a dramatic art for the future.

The complete cycle of four plays is reproduced here in the classic translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch.

The Four Plays:

  • The Portal of Initiation: A Rosicrucian Mystery, through Rudolf Steiner
  • The Soul's Probation: A Life Tableau in Dramatic Scenes As Sequel to the Portal of Initiation, through Rudolf Steiner
  • The Guardian of the Threshold: Soul Events in Dramatic Scenes, by Rudolf Steiner
  • The Souls' Awakening: Soul and Spirit Events in Dramatic Scenes, by Rudolf Steiner
This volume is a translation of Vier Mysteriendramen (vol. 14 of Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review