From Alpha to Omega: A Beginning Course in Classical Greek

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Anne H. Groton

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One of the most successful Classical Greek introductory textbooks, this edition provides an introduction to Classical Greek with an encouraging, pleasant, and accessible presentation for today's modern students. Fifty short lessons presume no knowledge of Latin, and allow students to master a concept before moving on to the next. Each lesson is accompanied by numerous exercises, as well as manageable selections of Ancient Greek writings (edited in early chapters) from Aesop's most amusing and curious fables to concise Greek passages from The New Testament, Aristotle, Arrian, Demosthenes, Lysias, Plato, Thucydides, and Xenophon.

The fourth edition of From Alpha to Omega retains all the features that have made it a best-selling introductory Greek textbook, many of them improved or expanded:

  • Balanced, evenly-paced lessons to accommodate various academic schedules
  • Brief readings from Ancient Greek authors
  • Efficient translation exercises
  • Succinct, instructive vocabulary lists
  • Glossary containing all vocabulary words from lessons and readings, both Greek-to-English, and English-to-Greek

Online exercises, audio recordings, video tutorials, and more accompany each chapter at

An Ancillary Exercise Workbook and a Greek Reader are also available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review