Getting Started: Clicker Training for Birds

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Melinda Johnson

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Looking for a new way to have fun playing with your bird buddy? Or is his nickname Birdzilla and you have the scars to prove it? Maybe your bird is a depressed little perch potato that refuses to play at all? This new way of training birds with a clicker and treats can dramatically change your bird's behavior and improve your life together. Find out just how smart, affectionate, and fascinating birds can be, with clicker training. * Depressed birds regain their joy in life. * One-person birds warm up to other family members. * Scared birds learn to cooperate with simple care such as nail trimming. * Undesirable behaviors such as screaming and biting fade away. * Baby birds grow up to be outstanding companions. * Rescued and older birds learn to trust, love, and play * Birds win new friends appealing tricks and games Clicker training is wasy and fun! Just follow the simple guidelines in this book. You'll learn to communicate with your bird - and teach your bird to communicate with you - in ways that you never imagined.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review