Global Poverty: How Global Governance is Failing the Poor (Global Institutions)

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David Hulme

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Around 1.4 billion people presently live in extreme poverty, and yet despite this vast scale, the issue of global poverty had a relatively low international profile until the end of the 20th century. In this important new work, Hulme charts the rise of global poverty as a priority global issue, and its subsequent marginalisation as old themes edged it aside (trade policy and peace-making in regions of geo-political importance) and new issues were added (terrorism, global climate change and access to natural resources).

Providing a concise and detailed overview of both the history and the current debates that surround this key issue, the book:

  • outlines how the notion of global poverty eradication has evolved
  • evaluates the institutional landscape and its ability to attack global poverty
  • analyses the conceptual and technical frameworks that lie behind the contemporary understanding of global poverty (including human development, dollar a day poverty and results-based management)
  • explores the roles that major institutions have played in promoting and/or obstructing the advancement of actions to reduce poverty
  • discusses the emerging issues that are re-shaping thinking, and the future prospects for global poverty eradication

The first book to tackle the issue of global poverty through the lens of global institutions; this volume provides an important resource for all students and scholars of international relations, development studies and international political economy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review