He Still Speaks

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Wayne Drain & Tom Lane

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Prophecy isn't for Today. God said everything He wanted to say in the Bible. Prophecy seems so weird and unreliable. I cant' trust anyone who claims to have a 'word from God.' But what if that's just not the truth? When it comes to hearing a word from God, many people are nervous and fearful. It's easy to see why so many are so leery of anything related to prophecy. There is perhaps no ministry in the church with more glaring examples of excess and counterfeit expressions than in this area. The truth is God still speaks and the role of prophetic ministry is as vital today as it has ever been in the church - it is real, useful and very much needed. In this book, Wayne Drain and Tom Lane lay a solid biblical foundation for the role of prophecy in the the church today. Using scripture and stories, they systematically deal with questions and objections and show why we should all embrace prophetic ministry today. When prophetic ministry is recognized and embraced by the church in a healthy way, its impact on individuals and influences on the work of the church is powerful!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review