Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible

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Don Reid

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This book is about some folks in the Bible you probably have read or heard about. But instead of the dusty, dry, old characters that we tend to think of them as, I hope I have fashioned something that will entertain as well as inform. These chapters are more than a thumbnail sketch, but not necessarily in-depth studies. If you're a Bible scholar, you may read a chapter and refresh your memory. If you're an average churchgoer, you may find a few new, interesting facts you missed the last time his or her name came up. And if you're a complete novice, then dig in because you have some fun stuff to catch up on. These guys were human and saintly and weak and strong and good and evil and right and wrong and every other set of opposites you can think of. These were real people and their stories never get old.

If you're a parent, share the stories with your kids. If you're a grandparent, share them with your kids' kids. If you're a Sunday school teacher, share them with your class. And if you're a preacher, then God bless you. Dinner is at one and we're having fried chicken.

Don Reid is an original member of the Statler Brothers country music singing group, a songwriter and scriptwriter. When the group retired from traveling in 2002, Don authored his first book, published by New Leaf Press. His second book recounts memories of growing up in a southern Protestant church. Don is happily married to his wife, Julie.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review