How to Be a Zombie: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Craves Brains

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Serena Valentino
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So youre a zombie. What now? Slow down and flesh out the life of the mindless with this essential guide for the newly undead.

The vacant stare, the shambling gait, the sense that youre falling apart adjusting to life as a zombie takes a little getting used to. And whats with the sudden obsession with brains? Time to get your outstretched hands on this comprehensive handbook spelling out all things z-o-m-b-i-e.

* identify your zombie archetype, figure out if youre dating a zombie, and savor the joy of brains (or alternative foods when necessary)
* learn how to pass among the living, brush up on zombie fashion and etiquette, discover decor for the decaying, and check out some awesome tunes to eat brains by
* explore zombies in literature, films, and novels and learn the truth about rumored celebrity zombies
* attention span getting shorter? Enjoy mini graphic novels on how to evade zombie hunters, take a zombie road trip, and who do that voodoo
* and much, much more guaranteed to make a trendy if creepy and vacuous creature proud!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review