How to Raise Dairy Goats: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply (Back-To-Basics Farming)

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Martha Maeda

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Goats have been used for their dairy products for hundreds of years, providing a wide array of milk, butter, yogurt, and cheeses that provide the unique flavors that make Mediterranean cuisine so special. For those who are interested in raising their own dairy goats to take advantage of the milk products provided, it is important to first learn everything possible about dairy goats, from what they eat to how they breed and how to cultivate and harvest the milk when the time comes.

This book provides every detail needed to become a dedicated dairy goat breeder and farmer, including:

  • How goats are raised for different purposes, including as dairy goats, fiber goats, and as a means to maintain property
  • How to select the right breed of goat
  • How to know what to look for in a specific goat
  • How to start the process of breeding goats, including the care for the mother, separation of the father, and the necessary care for the kid once it is born
  • How to properly house goats and what they require from you to remain healthy and happy, both in their feed and their space.

Expert goat farmers have been interviewed and have provided their insight and expertise on the topic, building a collection of insights of tips and tricks about raising dairy goats. You will learn how to care for your dairy goats and what special treatment or care they require in order to produce as much milk as possible.

Finally, you will learn how to gather the milk from the dairy goats and how to both process and sell it to maintain your business. For anyone who has ever been interested in raising goats for dairy production, this guide will offer you everything you need.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review