I'm Tired Of Crying, It's Time to Laugh Again: Finding extravagant joy in the midst of everyday life!

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Cathy Lechner

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Do you ever have days when you feel that you're stuck on a clothesline when you know you were meant to soar high above the mountain tops? God wants you to realize He is with you in every situation. You can find extravagant joy in the midst of your lifewhether you are facing serious problems or are just worn down by the hectic pace of day-to-day living.
Writting in a fresh, humorous style, Cathy helps you look for and discover God's miracles as they show up in the world. In I'm Tired of Crying, It's Time to Laugh Again, Cathy shares stories from her hard to believe real-life experiences. Don't let her witty style fool you. Cathy shares deep truths from Scripture that will cause you to seek after God with greater zeal and confidence. You'll find yourself uplifted, encouraged and maybe even convicted as you discover a beautiful God through brighter eyes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review