Insight Guide Malta (Insight Guides)

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Jo Caruana

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Insight Guide Malta offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to getting the most out of one of Europes most fascinating destinations. Engaging and inspirational History and Culture chapters explain the islands intriguing past as a gateway between Europe and the Arab world, and the factors influencing its future; from ancient temples pre-dating the Egyptian pyramids, through to Maltas role as a key battleground of World War II, to the impact of recently joining the Eurozone. The burgeoning arts scene, architectural treasures, local cuisine and folklore of the island are fully explored so that visitors can gain a sense of how Maltas distinctive character and culture has been shaped. Malta is also now one of the worlds foremost destinations for divers and this guide investigates the fantastic and upcoming range of diving opportunities available on the islands. The Places chapters cover both Malta and Gozo in detail and also suggest excursions to the surrounding islands to help with planning a trip. Full-color photographs throughout illustrate the vibrancy of Malta and Gozo more than any other guide to the area on the market and give a true flavor of life on the islands today. Detailed maps throughout the book help visitors get around the different areas, with all major sites cross-referenced with the text, and the Travel Tips offer selective advice on where to stay, what to eat and the type of activities that are available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review