Instant Puppet Skits: 20 Stories From People Who Met Jesus

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Mikal Keefer;John Cutshall

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Product Overview

Use 20 Stories From People Who Met Jesus to enliven favorite Bible stories and to introduce children to puppeteering! Lead kids to discover more about Jesus from the people who knew him best--those he one of the shepherds, Zacchaeus, a Roman soldier, and more!

You will get:
  • 2 compact discs with audio for each script. You and your puppeteer friends don't have to worry about digging up sound effects or reading the lines as you perform. It's already done for you!
  • Scripture reference in Table of Contents,
  • Directions for creating a stage,
  • Simple Bible costumes for puppets,
  • Reproducible patterns for props,
  • Reproducible scripts with staging instructions,
  • And a Puppet Primer with tips for powerful and imaginative productions.

The twenty scripts you'll find in Instant Puppet Skits have something in common: each features a Bible character who met Jesus and shares a personal insight. John the Baptist tells his would-be, disgusted director that he is not the star attraction, that his purpose was to prepare people to follow Jesus, and while Lazarus tries to collect a refund on his burial, he explains eternal life for those who believe. And you'll find that the scripts have other things in common too:
  • Scripts have no more than four puppets on stage at any one time, and you can re-use the same four actors with different costumes to limit the costs of the puppets!
  • Four or less puppets per script makes it easy for you to recruit enough puppeteers!
  • Yet the audience is involved. In Fish and Loaves , the audience acts the part of the crowd, each of them stuffed with food.
  • After each script you'll find group discussion points in the For Deeper Learning section.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review