Italic Handwriting Series Book A

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Barbara Getty;Inga Dubay

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This is the first of a seven book series (K-6th grade), providing instruction in italic handwriting. It is designed for the beginning student of handwriting and is recommended for preschool, kindergarten, and/or early first grade.

The twenty-six lowercase letters and the twenty-six capitals are introduced one letter per page. Letters are arranged in the order of lowercase families, which group letters with similar strokes together and progress logically from simple to more complex forms.

Every page has models to trace, letters to write beginning at the dot indicators provided, and in the blank spaces, with a best letter box to complete on each alphabet page, showcasing the child's best work for that particular letter.

The books were designed so that a child may begin anywhere in the series, even though they have never before learned italic. Each book begins with a comprehensive review for that particular level. For example if a child is in the 4th grade, and can write at that grade level, they can begin with Book E without having to work through any of the previous books, adding to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of this series.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review