It's Just My Nature!

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Carol Tuttle

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Why do we use the term Human Nature? What do we mean by nature? What does it mean when we say someone has a natural gift? Where does this gift come from? Best-selling author Carol Tuttle provides compelling and life changing answers to these simple questions in her newest book It s Just My Nature! It s Just My Nature! Reveals a startlingly accurate method for assessing your personality and behavioral tendencies with a new system called Energy Profiling TM. Energy Profiling is a unique system that helps define personality traits, as well as human behavior and physical characteristics, to reveal the true you. While Carol offers a variety of assessment tools-including her Dressing Your Truth TM events she leaves the realization of your true Type to you! Discover those characteristics (Types) that markedly resemble you and those close to you. Learn that what you may have considered your greatest weaknesses is actually your greatest gift. Understand why people act the way they do and discover how you can enjoy harmony with anyone. Develop the skill to assess your Type and the Types of others. Find renewed peace with yourself and in your relationships Just by looking at someone and reading their facial features and body language you will know their Type and their true nature. It s Just My Nature! Has been hailed as groundbreaking work that is bound to change the way we experience ourselves and others. I loved this book. There is so much information that is life changing. It is an amazing resource to return to again and again for solving the challenges of life, Amber Campbell Absolutely Amazing! The information in this book has changed no only my relationship with myself, but with everyone I come in contact with! Thank you, Carol for this fabulous, fulfilling information that allows me to create what I want in my relationships. Kerissa Morgan


(No reviews yet) Write a Review