Jelly Roll Scraps (Twenty to Make)

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Carolyn Forster

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Product Overview

Jelly Roll is the fun name given to a roll of pre-cut strips of fabric designed by Moda, the American fabric manufacturer. It is a great way to buy coordinated fabrics that are already cut into useful 2in (6.5cm) wide strips. Quilters all over the world use them to make patchwork quilts, and often there are a few strips left over. Now you no longer have to assign these to the waste bin, but instead you can turn them into beautiful gifts and accessories using the simple instructions in this book. There are 20 gorgeous projects to choose from, including a fabulous patchwork cushion in the shape of a dog, a pretty little drawstring bag, mini bunting, hanging fish and a quirky set of Russian dolls, all using simple techniques that even those new to sewing will be able to accomplish. Of course, there is nothing to stop you cutting your own fabric to the required sizes, and you can even buy Mini Charm packs that instantly give you a good selection of ready-cut 2in (6.5cm) squares.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review