Jesus Christ, the Holy One of God

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Raniero Cantalamessa

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This work consists of a series of meditations on Christ. Of the various methods of approaching the person of Jesus, Father Cantalamessa has chosen the Christological dogmatic way, which, very early, the tradition of the Church developed by selecting and organizing the relevant biblical data. These are the fundamental truths concerning Christ as defined in the early ecumenical councils, most notably the Council of Chalcedon, and are summed up in three statements: Jesus Christ is true man, he is true God, he is one sole person. In his meditations Father Cantalamessa has approached the person of Christ by following this classic way of the Church. The meditations consist of six reflections: two are devoted to the humanity of Christ, two to his divinity, and two to his unity of person. The concluding chapter is a kind of excursus, which amounts to a critical evaluation of the theses recently advanced in certain so called new Christologies, more particularly on the problem of the divinity of Christ.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review