Jesus of Israel: Finding Christ in the Old Testament

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Fr. Richard Veras

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Jesus did not come from nowhere! He was long awaited by a people who were educatedto expect God's presence in the messiness of their own history.From the Introduction

Not only was Jesus a Jew, his coming was foreshadowed in stories from Genesis to the prophets. Father Richard Veras invites us to enter a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through the doors of familiar and not-so-familiar incidents in the Old Testament.

Ever wonder, for example, why God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? Even more, why Abraham was willing to do it? Puzzled as to why there are two creation accounts in Genesis? What's the problem with being a Samaritan? And what does any of this have to do with Jesus and our life in him?

The author explores these and other issues with one goal in mind: to aid the reader to come to a deeper certainty about Jesus Christ.

This book makes the Word of God accessible to the young and, in fact, to anyone who wishes to look at the Bible with the eyes of a faith in touch with the grace of the Jewish people. The insights are quite valuable, but the real attractiveness of the book is the faith that it inspires through a simple, straightforward and imaginative reading of the Sacred Text. Father Francis Martin, John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington, D.C.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review