Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls: I Have To Be Me

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Deborah Kanafani

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Kate Kate The Bizzy Girls. New edition of Kate Kate The Fashion Plate, with fashion activities in the back of the book. Kate is an aspiring fashion designer who lives in New York with her mom and two adorable dogs. Kate her sister and friends all have little businesses and big dreams. They call themselves the Bizzy Girls. Kate's mom is a famous fashion magazine editor and heads the costume collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (sound familiar)? This gives Kate and the Bizzy Girls access to the world of high fashion, where they get themselves into trouble, faster than they can get out. In I Have To Be Me Kate's mom arranges for Kate to help decorate the windows at Bergs, New York's most famous fashion store. Kate thinks this is her chance to shine. But when Kate arrives at Bergs, she finds the dresses boooring . Using her creative flair, Kate gives the clothes her own touch... until the owner of Bergs walks in and sees what Kate is doing. Now Kate is in big trouble.. what will happen to Kate's dreams of being a fashion designer? The book introduces girls to entrepreneurship and conveys the inspiring story of Coco Chanel. Kate encourages readers to start their own little businesses and follow their dreams now.This is followed by fashion templates to design clothes and accessories. Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls entertains readers with fashion adventures that introduce them to women in history, and inspires girls to follow their dreams, regardless of age. Other books in the series are Kate and The Queen and My Mother's Mummy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review