Killing Lions (International Edition): A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face

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John Eldredge;Samuel Eldredge
International ed.

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John Eldredge offers an inside look into the conversations between father and son, answering questions and sharing lessons about love, money, work, God, and life.

Who came up with the notion that the day you graduate from college you are a fully developed adult stepping into a wonderful and fully developed life? It's madness. Life just doesn't follow a clean, clear linear path. More important, people don't.Killing Lionsis an exploration, by father and son, of the questions young men face coming into manhood-questions that continue to haunt many men well into middle age.

In the summer of 2012, Samuel Eldredge was one year out of college and about to ask a girl to marry him. He turned to his dad for counsel, and what unfolded over several months was a series of conversations about love, money, work, God, and life that became the passion forKilling Lions. In the middle of those conversations, John asked Sam, How many of your peers have anyone they can ask these questions? Sam answered, I don't know any. No one.

Killing Lionsis the dialog between a young man trying to find his life's direction and an older man offering wisdom and insight on the timeless issues of the journey toward adulthood. Every man, young or not, can benefit from the life lessons John Eldredge has passed on to his son.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review