Leading Missional Communities

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Mike Breen

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Missional Communities (MCs) are a hot topic right now in the church, and many are excited about the potential of MCs to be a vehicle that allows the church to better live out its mission in the world. But if we embrace and implement MCs merely as a new program, they won't live up to their potential and we'll be on to the next hot topic in a few months. Mcs are helpful only if we use them as a vehicle that allows us to point ourselves towards a much deeper issue: how we can learn to live our everyday lives as extended families on mission. We call this reality oikos ( household in Greek), and that's actually what this book is about. Think of it like this: an MC is a great vehicle, but vehicles are suppose to take you somewhere. The destination the vehicle of MC takes us to is oikos. ...


(No reviews yet) Write a Review