Letting Go of Debt: Growing Richer One Day at a Time

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Karen Casanova

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These meditations offer courage and hope for anyone suffering from chronic debt.

Chronic debt takes a terrible toll on a life. Finances stagger, the spirit flags, family and friends feel the strain. For those who wake each day facing such a burden, this inspiring book of daily meditations offers respite, hope, and practical advice. Simple and positive, each day's message helps put seemingly unmanageable debt in the proper perspective-and reminds us of our deepest debt to ourselves: to take heart and find strength in the daily struggle. Written by the former wife of a compulsive gambler, these meditations hold a universal message of hope for anyone seeking the courage to live wisely with trying circumstances-one day at a timeKaren Casanova is the author of thirteen children's books. She lives in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Hazelden has done it again-brief, insightful, and compassionate road to the land of living debt-free with spiritual calm. --Tom Tucker, CCGC. Executive Director, California council on Problem Gambling


(No reviews yet) Write a Review