Li'L Pick Me Up! Fun Songs for Learning 200+ ASL Signs - Printed Book plus Enhanced Music CD plus Digital Download Activity Guide

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Sign2Me Early Learning
Enhanced CD w/ Digi Download and Book

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Trusted worldwide by more than 2,500,000 loyal followers, Sign2Me Early Learning brings you this Enhanced Music CD, Book, and Digital Download created especially for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking for fun new ways to introduce American Sign Language (ASL) signs to their children, Li'l Pick Me Up! is the exciting new Music CD and Activity Guide from Sign2Me Early Learning!

This collection of 20 delightful, original songs features music that engages children's bodies as well as their minds. Created with adult listeners in mind, Pick Me Up! offers lyrics with the patterns and repetition children love and the style and humor adults enjoy.

We've combined a rich variety of musical styles ranging from jazz, calypso, and reggae to country, rock, and soul with authentic instrumentation, all composed by Grammy Award nominee, Roger Treece! Engaging lyrics are supplied by acclaimed children's songwriter, Nancy Stewart.

Complimenting the enhanced Music CD, and included in this package, is the Spiral Bound, Pick Me Up! Activity Guide Book. This is a full-color reference companion, featuring more than 200 American Sign Language (ASL) illustrations. Each of the 20 songs on the enhanced CD ties into a corresponding activity in the book, complete with lyrics, colorful sign illustrations, bonus signs for advanced signers, and signing advice from American Sign Language educator, Joseph Garcia. In addition, this Activity Book can also be easily downloaded at no charge and printed out by simply following the easy download instructions included with the package. Enjoyable from pre-birth to 99 years!

Track Listing: 1. Brand New Day 2. Pick Me Up 3. Please Change My Diaper 4. More Milk 5. There's A Tiger 6. Get Up and Shake 7. Where is Baby's Tummy? 8. Hear The Little Doggie 9. I Said OOWW! 10. Look Up, Look Down 11. Go to The Zoo 12. When It's Cold Outside 13. Sometimes When I am Hungry 14. See The Birdie Flying 15. Let's Take A Little Walk 16. I'm Talking on The Telephone 17. Jumping Up and Down 18. Go to The Beach 19. Let's Go Riding 20. Sleepy Time is Near


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