Living Sober Sucks! (but living drunk sucks more)

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Mark A. Tuschel

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This is the third printing of Living Sober Sucks (but living drunk sucks more) The author: Mark Tuschel has been completely clean and sober for more than eight years. This book was written while he was 3-to-4 years sober. Mark decided that instead of making changes within the book, an afterword was added. Mark feels that the original style of his writing reflects the true rawness and emotions of a person during the early years of re-invention out of alcohol overuse. His core feelings on alcohol and his philosophies regarding living as a non-drinker haven't changed since first writing this book, he just doesn't swear as much as he used to.

Living Sober Sucks (but living drunk sucks more) is straightforward and uncomplicated. It is an alternative to the typical recovery model or 12-step program system.

Living Sober Sucks offers a different path that breaks the stereotype of the 12-step system. It is an inspiring, real life story. This is not the story of a Superstar but a story about the average person---this story could be YOUR story. Living Sober Sucks is entertaining, funny, sad, controversial and thought provoking. Written using very raw and straight forward terms. No holds barred when talking to the alcoholic. Reality is reflected on every page. Whether you're a full blown raging alcoholic or just feel like alcohol is complicating your life and relationships, you will get something out of this book. It is an uncomplicated plan for the average person. Everyone knows someone who needs to read Living Sober Sucks.

Living Sober Sucks is not an anti-alcohol book, it is a descriptive work that offers strategies, techniques and ideas to stop letting alcohol run someone's total existence. All drunks are not jerks riddled with flaws, defects and despicable characteristics. Many are genuinely good people who over indulge and make poor choices while under the influence. They do not need the program to break them down, force them into a belief system or rebuild them into something they are not. What they need is to have other viable alternatives, to believe in themselves and their own willpower.

It is true that many problem drinkers have a physical dependency and psychological addiction to alcohol, but it is still a choice to drink. Sparked by the popularity of this philosophy is detailed in Living Sober Sucks. It gives readers realistic and tangible examples of how to eliminate guilt, rebuild self-esteem, discover creativity and possibly repair damaged relationships. The reader is shown ways to rid their life of chaos, unnecessary drama and avert the stigma of being titled a recovering alcoholic. They will discover how to feel like and be treated like a normal person. They are shown how to save money and amass a small fortune. Learn to enjoy a fun, fully engaged normal life - sober.

This narrative nonfiction is part memoir but mostly descriptive ideas to help you maintain and enjoy sobriety. Questions are raised on how you can become sober and realistic answers are given.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review