Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness (Simply for Students)

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Joshua Becker

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Since the day you were born, you've been told to pursue more. Ads from every TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard, and website constantly scream at you with the message that more is better.

But more is not necessarily better, declares Joshua Becker, a pastor, author, and blogger. There's a far better way to live life, he says--a way that recognizes the empty promises of consumerism and champions the pursuit of living simply and scripturally.

In Living With Less, Joshua will guide you through biblical teachings on possessions and his own personal experience with minimalism--living with only the essential. You'll see how his life was transformed by this Jesus-centered choice that rejects the flow of our culture. This book will challenge you to spend your hours, energy, and resources in ways that draw you closer to the heart of Jesus.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review