Love on the Lifts (Follow Your Heart)

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Jill Santopolo

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Pick your path to find the perfect guy in this personalized romance set on the ski slopes! A book version of The Bachelorette, from the critically acclaimed author of The Light We Lost.

What better way to spend your vacation than on the slopes? In this unique romance, the readers in the drivers seatcreating her own path through the narrative and ending with one of eleven different guys. By making selections at the end of each chapter, the reader decides who will be her perfect match. It could be the athletic ski instructor, one of the adorable twin brothers in the lodge, or the sweet guy with the broken leg by the fireplace. Finding your dream guy couldnt be easier, and it all takes place against the snowy backdrop of a romantic ski resort. And if not all readers are looking for love, there are other options: to hang with your sister, make new friends, or spend some time alone. But any way you slice it, every reader will have their love on the lifts!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review