Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server For Dummies

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John Rizzo

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Product Overview

Making Everything Easier!

Mac OS?? X Snow Leopard Server for Dummies

Learn to:

  • Set up and configure a Mac network with Snow Leopard Server

  • Administer, secure, and troubleshoot the network

  • Incorporate a Mac subnet into a Windows Active Directory?? domain

  • Take advantage of Unix?? power and security

John Rizzo

Want to set up and administer a network even if you don't have an IT department? Read on!

Like everything Mac, Snow Leopard Server was designed to be easy to set up and use. Still, there are so many options and features that this book will save you heaps of time and effort. It walks you through installation, set-up on a virtual machine, directory services, managing clients, security, and everything necessary to keep your users happy.

  • Choose your hardware a?? get all the details on the best hardware for your specific needs

  • It does Windows too a?? manage Active Directory and Open Directory for a network with both Windows?? and Mac?? clients

  • Maintain control a?? create and maintain your User Directory and authenticate clients

  • Files, printers, and stuff a?? set up user categories and permissions, handle file sharing protocols, and configure client machines

  • Let's get together a?? help users collaborate with shared contacts and calendars, Podcast Producer, and iChat?? instant messaging

  • The Web world a?? configure Web services, set up Wiki Server, and enable blogging

  • Out of the office a?? create mobile accounts for notebook users and configure VPN access

  • Safety first a?? manage security with firewalls, encryption, and proxies

Open the book and find:

  • Various options for installation

  • The pros and cons of Dual Boot

  • How to set up and run an e-mail server

  • Tips on getting Macs and Windows to share files

  • How group accounts can simplify management

  • The advantages of different permission types

  • How to manage Podcast Producer

  • Special stuff in Snow Leopard Server


(No reviews yet) Write a Review