Making Your Mark in Music: Stage Performance Secrets - Behind the Scenes of Artistic Development (Music Pro Guides)

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Anika Paris
Pap/Online Media

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(Music Pro Guide Books & Online Media Downloads). Since the age of seven, Anika Paris has been playing piano and writing songs, as well as singing and performing. Making Your Mark in Music re-creates the nurturing approach that she experienced growing up with a symphonic conductor father and a poet mother. Three solo records, songs in film and TV, touring the world, and ten years of teaching have all led to this authorship. Making Your Mark in Music serves as a personal mentor for the reader through stories and trade secrets passed down to the author over the years. This book, one of the very few on stage performance for musicians, blends psychology, Eastern philosophy, the art of conversation, and performance techniques valuable to performers of all levels. It reveals the inner workings of performance from an artist's perspective while also functioning as a self-discovery and artist-development journal. Included is a closer look via online media of the author coaching artists, with before and after footage of each performer. The book also reveals what many readers want to know, through interviews with industry professionals. Record executives answer the question, What exactly are you looking for? A psychologist explores who we are and what role we each play in music. An image stylist talks about how to best fuse fashion with music. A television host discusses how to keep the audience tuned in. And a sound engineer explains how to keep the music playing. Find all of this and more in a book that will help you make your mark in music.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review