Mission New York: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure (For Kids)

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Catherine Aragon

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Product Overview

Mission New York takes your young travelers through the famous sights of the Big Apple, engaging them with an exciting scavenger hunt as you explore New York landmarks together. Say goodbye to a trip filled with the stress of keeping everyone entertained. Instead, say hello to a memorable vacation, with your kids actively engaged in exploring the landmarks of New York with you.

Imagine, not only will your kids want to sightsee, together youll uncover the intriguing histories of sights like the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, and many more. Mission New York ensures a fun trip for everyone with a captivating, spy-theme scavenger hunt packed with fun activities and the fascinating stories behind the citys landmarks.

Mission New York is a must-have book for kids visiting New York!

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Heres what Amazon customers have to say about other books in the Scavenger Hunt AdventureTM series:

This book was flat out fantastic. We took a family trip with two adults and one seven year old. I was worried that he would be bored looking at the museums and sights. This book made a huge, huge difference. Chinagrl

This book helped make our tripwith 6th graders fun and fulfilling. We weren't sure how our kids would take to going to all the museums and landmarksbut this book had us visiting many sites more than once. They were so excited to find each item in the book. CC in SF

Great for teenagers! I love these books! My kids are 12, 14 and 16 so I was afraid they might think they were baby books, but they are enjoying them. -Marilyn Thomas


(No reviews yet) Write a Review