Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth About Sexual Purity

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Kris Vallotton;Jason Vallotton

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Sex. Purity. Virginity. Love.

There is a counter-culture, grass roots Moral Revolution emerging that honors marriage, values virginity, and embraces sexuality as a God-given attribute that Heaven celebrates.

Moral Revolution is a non-religious, intimate, and honest look at sex.

Moral Revolution was written for radical lovers and passionate people who dream of being catalysts to another sexual revolution one that transforms the way the world views sexuality, defines the unborn, and embraces the family.

Moral Revolution seeks to inspire a culture of noble people to walk in purity, passion, and power and to help restore those who have fallen into immorality.

This book is a training manual that will equip you to survive the battlefield of your own sex drive, overcome the power of peer pressure, and push back the cesspool of distorted cultural values.

Moral Revolution will help you to emerge from combat with your trophy of purity intact so that you can present it to your lover on your honeymoon night. Many who have fallen in this battle or have been wounded in this war will find hope and courage to start over again.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review