Mysteries of Time and Space

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Brad Steiger

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A little over four decades ago... a monumental literary classic entitled MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE was first published. Its author, the prolific, legendary, not to mention one of the most tireless, pioneering investigative journalists in the 'truth is out there' field of all things unexplained, is the one and only Brad Steiger. Steiger has compiled in this book a truly comprehensive catalogue of some of the most perplexing, thought-provoking cases ever documented. Even after all of these years, here is a book that still remains not only an enduring classic but also still a source of valuable and relevant information and insight. This is an extraordinary tome by an extraordinary author who has, through the years, delved deeply into a wide range of some of the most remarkable, chilling and riveting case histories and accounts of the unexplained. There's nothing obsolete, pass??, or old hat about MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE. It continues to stand as a thought-provoking landmark classic, and what can you expect from an author who has either authored or co-authored some 181 books to date, with over 17 million copies in print? - Brent Raynes, editor of Alternate Perceptions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review