New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters

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Nikki Van Noy

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An intimate, all-access, backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their rise to fame in the 1980s to their fall from grace in the 1990sand their triumphant comeback today.

Jordan, Jon, Joe, Donnie, and Danny. They set the bar for every boy band that followed and changed the course of pop music forever. In the 1980s, for millions of young girls around the world, they were gods. But behind the scenes, they were just kids. In this authorized biography of the band, the New Kids tell it all to rock journalist Nikki Van Noy.

From makeshift stages in Boston clubs to soldout shows at Madison Square Garden, through winning American Music Awards and selling 80 million records, the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) were a rite of passage and a touchstone of youthful memories. Scoring platinum albums, and with a series of sold-out international tours, NKOTB blazed through North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, leaving throngs of screaming teen and tween girls in their wake. But after a few heady years, the guys (and their fans) grew up, and moved on. The New Kids disbanded in 1994 and, for nearly fifteen years, there was every reason to believe that the NKOTB phenomenon was over once and for all.

But then an unexpected thing happened. The band (and their fans) got a second chance to relive their youth when NKOTB reunited in 2008. And they realized that this band has something specialan unbreakable bond with their fans and with each other that has only strengthened with the passage of time. Today, fans both old and new celebrate the bands triumphant comeback with sold-out concerts, cruises, and top-selling albums. And this time, Jordan, Jon, Joe, Donnie, and Danny are enjoying it all right alongside them. An intimate, all-access backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their meteoric rise to fame.

Nikki Van Noy talks directly to those loyal fans, as well as to all five band members and their families, weaving their stories together in this no-holds-barred chronicle. With frankness and honesty, each New Kid recalls nearly thirty years of experience with the group, both on and off the stage. Like a time machine, this book will take you right backgiving you an inside look at the New Kids like youve never seen them before.

An intimate, all-access backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their meteoric rise to fame in the 1980s to the bands breakup in the 1990sand their triumphant comeback today

Were siting there, and all of a sudden Jordan said, You know were gonna be famous, right? Were gonna be famous. And he was right. Joe

All that stuff we never experienced in college, we experienced on the road, just the five of us. Jon

Theres just no words to describe it. I guess the only thing similar is a Super Bowl quarterback winning it for his hometown. Danny

Its amazing. Its almost like going through life and then geting another chance at life, knowing what you know now. Jordan

My dad said, Ill tell you whatif you ever make it big and you come home and youve changed, Im gonna kick your ass. That always rang in my head. Donnie


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