North American Backyard Birdwatching for All Seasons

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Marcus Schneck

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For most of us, birdwatching begins in the backyard with the first crust of bread we offer the birds as children. For many, a keen interest in birds grows from there. The beautifully illustrated North American Backyard Birdwatching will provide everything you need to know, from identification and feeding techniques to housing and landscaping, so you can invite in the birds you want and keep them coming to your yard.

With full-color photography, including more than 100 pictures of different bird species, you'll be a backyard bird expert in no time. See detailed photographs of nesting chicks, birds eating and sleeping, and the best habitats known to attract birds.

The projects in this book are meant for any level and include how to make a simple bird house, how to make your windows bird-safe, and how to care for a bird bath. You'll find hundreds of ways to make your yard a bird haven, incluing the best plants to install, the best neting materials to provide in your yard, and more. Learn to identify bird songs, recognize migration patterns, and understand what different bird social behaviors mean. Youll also find hints for keeping a log so you can record all the species you see in your birdwatching.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review