Nutrition: From Science to You

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Joan Salge Blake;Kathy D. Munoz;Stella Volpe

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Nutrition: From Science to You builds on the strengths of its sister book Nutrition & You and takes a personal approach to introductory nutrition in the majors market. This book is geared towards visual learners and aidsreaders in applying the material they learn to themselves and their future clients and patients.

This text personalizes information forreaders to engage them in the subject matter, while retaining the scientific rigor needed. Innovative pedagogical features include the Visual Summary Tables, which present key information in the micronutrients chapters to support readers as visual learners, and Table Tips throughout the book, which give readers practical ways to improve their eating habits. Key Topics: What Is Nutrition?, Tools for Healthy Eating, Digestion, Absorption, and Transport , Carbohydrates: Sugars, Starches, and Fiber, Fats, Oils, and Other Lipids, Proteins and Amino Acids, Alcohol, Metabolism,Fat-soluble Vitamins, Water Soluble Vitamins, Water, Major Minerals, Trace Minerals, Energy Balance and Body Composition, Weight Management, Nutrition and Fitness, Life Cycle Nutrition: Pregnancy through Infancy, Life Cycle Nutrition: Toddlers through Adolescence, Life Cycle Nutrition: Adults through the Later Years, Food Safety and Technology, Hunger at Home and Abroad

Market: Intended for those interested in learning the basics of introductory nutrition.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review