On the Nature of God and on the Trinity - Theological Commonplaces

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Johann Gerhard

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On the Nature of God and on the Trinity, translated by Richard J. Dinda, addresses God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as Gerhard explores the divine names, the natural knowledge of God, the divine essence, and the mystery of the Trinity. As Gerhard makes the argument for the Trinity, he turns repeatedly to Holy Scripture and interacts with the writings of the ancient Church fathers as they sought to formulate the doctrine of the Trinity. He specifically addresses the arguments of the Socinians (Unitarians) concerning the Trinity.

The seventeen-volume Theological Commonplaces series presents the first-ever English translation of the 16-volume Loci Theologici of Johann Gerhard. Gerhard addresses the Christian faith doctrine by doctrine in an accessible style. Gerhard interacts with the writings of the Church fathers, Luther and his contemporaries, and the Catholic, Reformed, and Unitarian theologians of his day. This series remains a classic of Lutheran theology and offers contemporary church workers and researchers a wealth of material on the distinctives of Lutheran doctrine.

On the Nature of God and on the Trinity is the second volume in the Theological Commonplaces series.

Each embossed hardback volume includes:
the translation of Gerhard's Loci (originally published from 1610 to 1625);
a glossary of key theological, rhetorical, and philosophical terms;
a name index;
a Scripture index;
a carefully researched works cited list that presents guidance for deciphering the numerous abbreviations of the other titles from which Gerhard quotes.


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