ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope

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Klaus Heinemann Ph.D.;Gundi Heinemann

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In the past decade people all over the world have become fascinated with orbsthe opaque circular features that appear unexpectedly in photographs. In fact, the popularity of this phenomenon has risen so much that serious research has been done on them. Books have been written about what they could be, how theyre produced, and all of the scientific aspects of these beautiful spheres of light. However, one question has gone unanswered: what does their appearance mean? Orbs: Their Mission & Messages of Hope explains that these fascinating circles of light are here for a specific purposeto bring us hope.

Written by orb expert and former Stanford and NASA materials science researcher Klaus Heinemann, together with his wife, Gundi Heinemann, a healing arts practitioner, this book is a grounded and visionary presentation of facts and experiences in orb photography. They offer convincing new results addressing the skeptic and numerous reports of meaningful orb encounters from people all over the world. This book delves deep into the magical and exciting world of orbshow and when they appear to usand explores what these emanations from Spirit Beings are trying to communicate.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review