Parenting in Transracial Adoption: Real Questions and Real Answers

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Jane Hoyt-Oliver Ph.D.;Hope Haslam Straughan Ph.D.;Jayne E. Schooler

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An essential resource for transracially adoptive parents and the professionals who serve them, this book offers practical strategies for helping a transracially adopted child through the challenges he or she may face.

a? Includes advice and questions for discussion and thought by parents considering transracial adoption; for parents already on the journey with older children, the authors examine racial identity development

a? Offers concrete strategies for parents parenting a child from a different race

a? Provides practical steps related to managing influences and opinions from within the extended family and the community

a? Suggests ways parents can learn from members of their child's racial communitya??and how to manage challenges that arise in transracial adoption situations

a? Shares the stories of three adults who were transracial adoptees as well as vignettes from (and interviews with) dozens of parents who were involved in transracial adoptions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review