Parents on Your Side: A Teacher's Guide to Creating Positive Relationships With Parents

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Lee Canter;Marlene Canter
2nd Edition Reissue

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Parents on Your Side: A Teacher s Guide to Creating Positive Relationships With Parents helps teachers gain parent support for their efforts and turn parents into partners. This book makes communication and collaboration with parents easy with the help of practical guidelines and dialogues. The book presents strategies for gaining parent support in all classroom situations. Teachers can see: -Improved academic performance -Reduced behavior problems -Homework assignments completed on time, with more effort -A more positive, smoothly-running classroom -Reduced teacher stress The book also helps teachers move parents past the roadblocks that prevent them from giving support. Teachers learn how to: -Conduct many different types of parent conferences -Plan the most motivating Back-to-School Night presentation of their career -Make phone calls that will stop most problems before they become serious -Work collaboratively with all parents, even the most reluctant ones -Develop home/school contracts that bring results -Use a variety of communication skills -Boost parent attendance at school events


(No reviews yet) Write a Review