Pluto's Secret: An Icy World's Tale of Discovery

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Margaret Weitekamp

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People, children especially, have been baffled, bewildered, and even outraged by the fact that Pluto is no longer called a planet. Through whimsical artwork and an entertaining dialogue format, Plutos Secret explains the true story of this distant world. Providing a history of the small, icy world from its discovery and naming to its recent reclassification, this book presents a fascinating look at how scientists organize and classify our solar system as they gain new insights into how it works and what types of things exist within it. The book includes a glossary and bibliography.

Praise for Pluto's Secret
Pairing a lighthearted narrative in a hand-letteredstyle typeface with informally drawn cartoon illustrations, this lively tale of astronomical revelations begins with the search for Planet X.
Kirkus Reviews

This picture book offers a fresh, positive perspective on Pluto, showing that its change of status is not a demotion but a correction.

Light-hearted imagining of a gregarious Pluto.
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Fun reading


(No reviews yet) Write a Review