Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 5e

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Judith K. Leavitt;Mary W. Chaffee;Diana J. Mason

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Product Overview

The powerhouse author team of Diana J. Mason, Judith K. Leavitt, and Mary W. Chaffee has put together a textbook filled with insights from well-known nurses and policy makers. This new edition combines scholarly analysis and first-hand narratives from the field to ensure a well-rounded understanding of important issues. This resource cultivates the development of valuable skills including conflict management, lobbying, the use of media, and working with communities for change -- essential abilities for any nurse assuming a leadership role in today's changing health care environment.

  • Solid breadth and depth of content covers both policy and politics.
  • Contributors include many leading nurse experts in policy and politics.
  • A diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and levels of content to appeal to many nursing audiences.
  • Policy Spotlights provide key information on specific policy issues such as complementary therapies, reimbursement, social security, childcare and Medicare issues and options.
  • Updated Policy Spotlights focus on policy issues such as Stem Cell Research, Medical Marijuana, Genetics, and Intimate Partner Violence.
  • Updated Vignettes detail personal experiences, opportunities, and challenges facing a nurse in this career path.
  • New Taking Action sections highlight a policy issue or political strategy and provide nurses with examples of how they can take action.
  • Evidence-Based Practice (research) and its impact on health care policy and politics is integrated where appropriate.
  • New Web Resource boxes include recommended website addresses for students to obtain additional information.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review