Portfolio Management For New Products: Second Edition

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Robert G. Cooper;Scott J. Edgett;Elko J. Kleinschmidt

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Product Overview

Product Innovators win in the long run by optimizing their R&D investments with a new product strategy, selecting the right new product projects and achieving an ideal balance of projects. Portfolio Management for New Products helps you understand how winning companies manage their R&D portfolios. Learn how to steer your company's R&D investment to achieve a higher return.

This ground breaking book is the result of years of pioneering research by Dr. Cooper, Dr. Edgett and Dr. Kleinschmidt. It is full of practical examples from real companies combined with the authors' analysis of the various approaches. It illustrates the subtle but important differences between the traditional methods of portfolio management for investments and projects versus the new approaches for the complex world of new products.

The Complete Guide to New Product Portfolio Management - Strategic, Operational and Tactical

  • Learn how to maximize the value of your portfolio of new products
  • Discover the impact effective portfolio management has on new product performance
  • Learn how to balance a portfolio and align it with your new product strategy
  • Discover how to implement a world-class portfolio management process
  • Benefit from the numerous examples and samples of real company valuation models, charts and metrics.

Key Topics:
  • Why portfolio management is essential to product innovation success
  • The major challenges associated with portfolio management
  • Requirements for effective portfolio management
  • What top performing companies do to drive higher value portfolios
  • Strategic, operational and tactical methods for managing your portfolio
  • The critical link between the portfolio and businesses strategy
  • Valuation and scoring methods, best practice charts and decision guides
  • Strategic allocation of resources
  • Making portfolio management work for your organization.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review