Portrait and Model of A School Counselor (School Counseling)

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John M. Littrell;Jean Sunde Peterson

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This text profiles elementary school counselor Claudia Vangstad--her vision, identity, beliefs, capabilities, and behaviors--within the context of her school and community. The authors used Vangstad's experience to construct a model of a school counselor in action and provide a broad framework for thinking and working like one. Through the study of this example, students are encouraged to evaluate their own beliefs, values, vision, and identity.

Individual chapters include additional research to reinforce techniques and help students develop and use effective strategies. Each author provides a different theoretical perspective at the end of the chapter, focusing on either a counseling framework or a systems and developmental framework. A section entitled New Horizons provides suggestions for application of the ideas presented.

Designed to supplement any school counseling course, this book:
*is the first comprehensive portrait of the multi-faceted responsibilities of a real school counselor and an inspiring model for positive change in schools;
*presents a special focus on the role that group work plays in changing a culture;
*provides a mosaic of field-tested ideas, options, and concepts from an experienced counselor;
*places emphasis on the importance of school culture and the community context, as well as the socialization function of a comprehensive counseling program; and
*offers assistance to students in developing and using effective strategies, techniques, frameworks, and change-enhancing language.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review