Practical Ethics for Psychologists: A Positive Approach

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Dr. Samuel J. Knapp EdD;Dr. Leon D. VandeCreek PhD;Randy Fingerhut

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Guided by the American Psychological Associations Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, this book illustrates how psychologists can actualize their ethical acumen in their daily work.

Truly ethical behavior requires more than simply avoiding action by a disciplinary body. For psychologists, behaving ethically is a positive goal that involves striving to reach our highest ethical ideals. Knapp, VandeCreek, and Fingerhut provide short sketches illustrating the standards that psychologists must follow, and show how psychologists can actualize their personal values and ethical acumen in their daily work. The authors discuss a variety of ethically tricky areas for psychologists, including patient confidentiality, inappropriate relationships with patients, financial issues, informed consent, and forensic and legal issues. Readers will learn how to attend to their emotional well-being, how to use risk-reduction strategies as well as a five-step decision-making model for difficult ethical quandaries, and how to base their professional conduct on overarching ethical values.

This Third Edition of Practical Ethics for Psychologists includes new findings on the science of morality and recommendations for working with morally diverse clients, and covers ethical issues regarding the use of social media and other online communications.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review