Practicing Persuasive Written And Oral Advocacy: Case File III (Problem Supplement)

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David W. Miller;Michael Vitiello;Michael R. Fontham

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Product Overview

Based on a tort action in federal court against an Alabama church for financial explotation by a pastoral counselor, this case simulation problem offers a complete set of court documents to supplement your Persuasive Legal Writing, Pretrial Practice, Appellate Advocacy, or Moot Court class.

Case File III presents a complete set of realistic court documents:

  • A complaint, defensive motions with supporting documentation, and transcripts of six depositions in Petrillo v. Rooks
  • A notice of appeal from a dispositive opinion and order

    Case File III is a solid platform for:

  • Written and oral exercises
  • One or more memoranda and oral arguments before the district court
  • Briefs and oral arguments before the court of appeals

    Case File III raises numerous legal issues, such as:

  • Diversity jurisdiction
  • State law bases for church liability for pastoral misconduct
  • Constitutional limits on church liability for pastoral misconduct
  • Testimonial privilege for confidential communications with clergy members

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