Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts

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This book constitutes an expansion of the highly esteemed Glossary of the American Psychoanalytic Association into a mini-encyclopedia that presents both historical and current meanings of the most widely accepted psychoanalytic terms and concepts. The format has been revised, new concepts and terms have been added, and previous definitions have been clarified and updated.

Anyone learning, teaching, or writing about psychoanalysis will find [this book] of uncommon usefulness and value. . . . The editing is superb, . . . the text [is] clear and concise, . . . jargon [has been] minimized, . . . and qualifiers avoid dogmatism. Early misconceptions (about female development and sexuality) are corrected, and the changes are consistent throughout the book. If one is building a personal psychoanalytic library, this should head the list of what to purchase next. William D. Jeffrey, Bulletin of the Psychoanalytic Association of New York

The best quick reference available for psychoanalytic terms....Should be part of every psychoanalyst's reference library. Psychoanalytic Books: A Quarterly Journal of Reviews

A book that offers well-written definitions and explanations of psychoanalytic terms. . . . There is much to recommend this volume to students, teachers, clinicians, and scientists. David B. Allison, American Journal of Psychiatry

Transcends the danger of dry mandatory definitions with exhilarating short essays. . . These succinct summaries make this book a lively piece that will appeal to the experienced student as well as the beginner. Carl F. Hoppe, Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health


(No reviews yet) Write a Review