Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice and Law, Second Edition

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Jay Folberg;Dwight Golann;Thomas J. Stipanowich;Lisa A. Kloppenberg

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Product Overview

Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice, and Law, Second Edition, prepares the reader to represent clients in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. Drawing on the authors' experience in teaching and practice, vivid examples throughout the text illustrate the role of the attorney and the perspective of the client. Class-tested exercises in each area of dispute resolution develop skills, knowledge, and confidence in ADR processes.

Timely and teachable, Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice, and Law, Second Edition, features:

  • a logical 4-part organization that focuses on negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and hybrid approaches
  • diverse excerpts from leading authors that eliminates the need for additional or supplemental readings.
  • examples taken from headline cases, literature, and ADR practice
  • a detailed Teacher's Manual with:
    - sample syllabi
    - complete teaching notes
    - stimulating discussion points
    - highly effective exercises and role plays linked to the text
  • integrated coverage of law and ethics
  • a DVD of ADR role playing available at no charge

With additional exercises, practice problems, and discussion questions throughout, the revised and updated Second Edition provides:

  • expanded coverage of negotiation techniques
  • new exercises that illustrate how lawyers can use and shape the mediation process, for example, when selecting mediators and dealing with positional bargainers
  • games and role-play exercises to develop arbitration skills
  • writing and discussion problems that focus on drafting an arbitration agreement, selecting arbitrators, writing an arbitration award, and more

Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice, and Law, Second Edition, combines cutting-edge scholarship with dynamic teaching materials that will give your students a firm grasp of the theory and practice of dispute resolution. This is the choice that puts it all within their reach.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review